Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Can John and Edward really win it...

At the beginning of the X-Factor the twins John and Edward Grimes were almost dead cert to be out after the first couple of weeks, but the gutsy pair have defied all odds and are still in the mix.

If that was not enough of a surprise the latest revelations may be too much for some, according to the Sun newspaper the Twins received the highest number of votes after last weekend's show!

That the Twins have been criticised widely for their often fairly tuneless performances seems to have swayed a teeming army of fans of the Dublin teenagers.

Fear have already been expressed for the show if the the Twins go all the way and win it.

One insider said: "It is extraordinary. John and Edward were miles ahead of any other act.

"Whoever wins the X Factor, you can usually guarantee they can sing.

"If John and Edward win, it will no longer be a show about great singers - it could be disastrous. But you know what? It could happen."

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