Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Chaos in Golders Green as Twin fans lay siege.

This is the house on Golders Green where the X-Factor Finalists are staying

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The road is a quiet leafy suburban road in Golders Green, with homes costing over a £1 million pounds. It is an upper middle class oasis in cosmopolitan London. That was until the X-Factor circus arrived.

Life has not been the same since, as thousand of teens storm the area day after day to catch a glimpse of their new heroes, the X-Factor finalists.

It is the fans of John and Edward Grimes however that neighbours in the area seemed to be most miffed with.

Fans of the twins have been accused of scribbling obscene messages on the walls and two teenage fans were reported to the police for flashing their boobs at the twins who had appeared briefly at the window.

One neighbour said "We are sick to the back teeth of the disruption and if the police don't sort it, we will. People round here are extremely wealthy and have personal security. If necessary, we will blockade the street and stop the crowd our selves"

Another complained "It's bedlam. The girls are getting their boobs out and all sorts"

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