Monday, 19 October 2009

Who would have thought. The Guardian supports the Twins

Now your average Guardian reader has more compelling things to worry about than what's happening in the X-Factor.

What with the debates such as "In praise of ... phantasmagoria", "Our speechless outrage demands a new language of the common good", "The right think Obama is an ideological Typhoid Mary" and other such heavy weight topics to keep them engaged, you would have thought they had no time for the inanities of X-Factor.

You would have thought wrong. Today's newspaper had some really high praise for one of the contestants...Yes, the Twins.

Shocking is isn't it. It is not everyday you hear John and Edward Grimes descibed as

two shining knights who single-handedly manage to stop the entire series from sliding into a long, flat, never-ending funk of flaccid inadequacy. That's right - I'm talking about the mighty, often Jesuslike, John and Edward.

Well I never!. After reading the whole article I am actually beginning to be swayed and may change my loyalties...

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