Thursday, 15 October 2009

X-Factor Twins: "We are not really cocky"

The X-Factor Twins, John and Edward Grimes have denied that they are really as cocky as they have been portrayed on the Hit reality talent TV show, the X-Factor.

John insisted they were genuine people, saying: "It's a TV show but when you get to know us you'll know we're just nice guys."

Edward agreed, saying: "A lot of people are making out like we're cocky, arrogant and naive but at the end of the day we're only 17 and we haven't done anything wrong.

"Gossip is not always true and we know, and our family knows that it's not true."

He added that he had faith in mentor Walsh to take them to the top.

He said: "The main thing about Louis is that he is a really loyal guy, he's a really nice guy and he'll always support you no matter what. He's there for all of us. I think he's a really good mentor."

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