Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Friedman unhappy with the "Jedward" Rollercoaster

Yep it is no longer John and Edward Grimes, or even the twins, it is "Jedward". You know you've hit it big time in the publicity stakes when you are known by one name, especially if there are two of you.

Yes John and Edward are on the verge of growing out of the X-Factor into athe cultural phenomenon of the day (or if we are generous the next few days).

It seems though not everyone is pleased with this. Take for instance a certain Brian Friedman, who is also known as the choreographer-in-chief for the X-Factor. He is been outspoken about the Twins, sorry I meant Jedward, for a while.

Jedward at last night's Christmas Carol premiere

At last night's film premiere of A Christmas Carol in Leicester Square, the choreographer was asked if he thought the twins were taking more deserving contestants' places.

Brian replied: “Yes, but the thing is the public are voting for them. It's going to show in the weeks to come if they do a ballad. Then the public will decide if they should stay.”

Last week he told the London Lite the Irish pair needed medication as they are so “crazy” to work with.

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