Thursday, 5 November 2009

Jedward take on China....and win!

Is there no end to powers of the twins. They've taken on the most populous nation on earth and won!

Yes the People's Republic of China have conceded defeat to the Twins.

We reported how a diplomatic row was brewing between China and the UK over fans of the Twins making a nuisance of themselves next to the Chinese Embassy residence and how the embassy threatened to take up the matter with the Foreign Office.

Today they did a dramatic u-turn as the Chinese ambassador Her Excellency Madam Fu Ying issued a public statement in which she declared her love for the X-Factor.

She wrote "I have to admit that I also enjoy watching the X Factor when there is time and have my favourite contestants.

She went further to pointedly praise the Twins "for their determination and spirit in the face of a lot of criticism."

She also had kind words for the other contestants praising Stacey Solomon for being "more and more brave" each week and Jamie 'Afro' Archer's "sincere and energetic voice".

"Danyl and Olly are both great showmen while Lloyd and Joe have got a lot of potential.

"Lucie, who is from a small village, has a lovely voice like the country she is from [Wales], and is clearly very popular."

She added that the show reminded her of a Chinese reality show called "Chao Girls", saying: "The beauty of such shows is that they give young people a chance to realise their dreams. When I was young, the circumstance in China was different, I am glad my daughter's generation is lucky to have more opportunities in life thanks to the progress and prosperity that China today offers.

"Good luck to the contestants of X Factor."

She might think she has us fooled but we know a letter of surrender when we see one, and we can say categorically Jedward 1 China 0

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