Saturday, 7 November 2009

What do you get the Jedward Fan who has everthing ?

If you consider yourself a true Jedward (aka The X-Factor Twins aka John and Edward Grimes) Fan you definitely could not go wrong with any of these

1.) The "I LUV JEDWARD" Shirt. A must for anyone who truly appreciates the entertainment value the Twins have brought to the show. Expect to still be wearing this right through to Christmas (and the X-Factor finals) cos the twins are going to be right there.

Click Image to buy from Amazon UK.

2.) If you'd like to get cosy with the Twins each night, then this "I LOVE JOHN AND EDWARD" pillow case is just what you need.

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If on the other hand you rue the day the twins darkened the door steps of the X-Factor the do not despair we have something for you.

1) You might think the twins are a joke and if you do, you may also find this t-shirt amusing. The front says - "Want to hear a joke?" the back says "John and Edward - Jedward"

Click Image to buy from Amazon UK.

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