Saturday, 14 November 2009

Another week, another high-brow Jedward article.

We all know Jedward aka The X-Factor Twins aka John and Edward Grimes have totally dominated the tabloids coverage of the X-Factor this years. Well it seems even the high brow broad sheets can't get enough of them.

A few weeks back we reported on a supposedly very serious piece in the Guardian. Well it seems despite their best instincts the other broadsheets simply cannot resist the allure of the Twins.

The Telegraph leads the way with an article "Jedward: infuriating but irrepressible ". and this is probably the only place you will ever find Rameau's opera "Castor et Pollux" used in the same breath as Jedward.

In the article Judith Wood describes how her family have found the Twins irresistable saying:

I can't think why; they're so colossally bad, they're fabulous. More crucially, they are immensely, addictively watchable. Even my husband, whose concept of musical twins begins and ends with Rameau's opera Castor et Pollux – and still thinks Kylie is one of the judges (but why's she dyed her hair?) – has found himself ineluctably drawn into the fray, settling down on the sofa to watch his wife and daughter yell at the television and occasionally hide behind the cushions, for an hour and a half.

and clearly ewarms to their upper-middle class background

Their unassailable self-belief is down to a potent combination of nature, nurture, and an expensive education at some of Ireland's top private schools (I expect the lines are jammed with inquiries every Monday morning). And so even as we shake our heads in bafflement at their entirely ill-founded, but utterly unshakeable confidence, it's hard not to admire secretly their sheer brio.

and their money making prowess

Early in the series, their mentor, Boyzone manager Louis Walsh, was ridiculed for describing Jedward as an antidote to the recession, but it seems he showed remarkable prescience: advertising rates for the programme are rocketing. ITV is currently selling 30-second adverts to late buyers for an estimated £190,000, and it is believed that the price tag for a slot could rise as high as £250,000 for the last show in December.

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